HTC Zoe – Never Miss Another Moment

With the release of HTC One smartphone HTC has been innovating a lot in the hardware and software areas of the phone. One of the latest innovations is a feature called HTC Zoe. As it is said life rarely happens one frame at a time, which is why HTC developed new UlraPixel camera with HTC Zoe.

With HTC Zoe on the new HTC One, a click of the shutter button captures up to 20 photos and a 3 second video image. It also includes the last few seconds of images before the picture button was tapped.

Once the perfect shot is taken, you can use HTC Share to put together your own gallery of up to ten images to share with friends and family. HTC Share is a new way to share your experiences with your closed ones. HTC Zoe and HTC Share are the perfect camera accessories for our busy, always-on-the-go lives; and they’re a key part of the camera experience with the new HTC One.

So, What photo gallery are you looking forward to share with your closed ones? Do tell us in the comments. We would be glad to know them.