HTC Nexus One becomes the first PhoneSat in Space

Google’s Nexus One manufactured by HTC has dreamt of space travel since last year, which many of us don’t even dream of(I should have been a phone!). The device was launched into orbit two days ago on Feb 26th aboard a CubeSat dubbed STRaND-1. It is developed by Surrey Satellite Technology and the University of Surrey’s Surrey Space Centre. Nexus One along with STRaND-1 becomes first PhoneSat in space(An honor in itself).

STRaND-1 is a nano-satellite carrying HTC Nexus One was launched into Space from India. This is a great milestone for HTC, companies like Apple and Samsung haven’t been this close to get their phone in space. HTC, you did it!

Still stuck here on earth but want that heaven’s-eye view? Installed on the new satellite is the 360app which will let us gravity-bound folks play big brother and request snapshots taken with the Nexus One’s camera. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter accounts. They’ll also be sharing details on requesting your own earth shot Go request one for yourself!.